• About Us


    Our venture began when Ernie owned a painting and maintenance business in the late sixties. 

    Ernie was approached by a friend with an idea he had. Not knowing how to go about making it a reality he asked Ernie if he would be interested in doing something with it. 

    Ernie took on the challenge and after three years came out with a self-contained tool that could apply wax on resilient floors. Impressed by what Ernie had done his friend told him it was his. 

    With patents in hand, we opened our business in 1973. We were the first to offer a self- contained tool that could replace the mop and bucket method for applying wax, to the Janitorial Industry. This new method revolutionized the marketplace. 

    At that time our company was named Kimco Products, which was named after our younger daughter. As a family run business, we later changed our name to Applicator Technology, Inc. and have been operating under that name ever since. 

    Our desire for the business is to provide tools that would simplify the application of floor products and save time for those using it. After thirty-seven years our goals have not changed. 

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